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Sugar Baby's Lactation Cookies

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Our Jumbo sized Lactation Cookies are a delicious and perfect gift for the nursing mamas in your lives!

I spent 12 years straight nursing our newborns and toddlers and many times tandem nursing. Now I am so thankful for another opportunity to nurse our baby Kayson! Along with my personal breastfeeding experience I worked at WIC as a peer counselor helping other mothers with their breatsfeeding journey and teaching classes to new mothers.

Many times mothers struggle with breastfeeding due to suspected low milk supply. Meeting with a lactation consultant can usually remedy those fears. My LC was an amazing and necessary part of our breastfeeding journey!

Sometimes a mother may need an extra boost to produce more milk for her baby or babies. Our lactation cookies are full of galactagogues that are known to help boost milk production, for many mothers, like organic oats, brewer's yeast and organic flax seeds! They are currently available in Oatmeal Cinnamon & Butter Pecan!

Lactation Cookies are not a magic remedy, but "using galactogenic foods along with effective breastfeeding management is the preferred way to help maintain and increase milk supply." (La Leche League)